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Chiropractic care is a science, healing art, and philosophy founded in America.  Its practical principles are easily understood. The Brain and Spinal Cord integrate, control, and maintain every organ, tissue and cell of the body.  (Innate) is the inborn Intelligence and Force, which is present in every cell, tissue, and organ of your body.   The presence of the innate intelligence force in any cell, tissue, or organ, separates the living from the dead. The impedance of Innate will cause pain, dysfunction, ill health, disease, and ultimately premature death.

Chiropractic treatment restores the body to optimum health.  The chiropractic treatment does not heal; chiropractic treatment sets the stage for healing to occur from within your body at the cellular/tissue/organ level.

The chiropractic approach to better health is to locate and remove interferences (subluxations, misaligned vertebrae) to your nervous system. With improved spinal function, there is improved nervous system function. The goal of your chiropractor is to remove any interference that may be impairing normal health through specific chiropractic adjustments, allowing your body to heal itself. A healthy spine and a healthy lifestyle are your keys to optimal health! 

Chiropractic care is successful with a very wide variety of health problems, including those which are not necessarily considered "back" problems, because of improved nerve system function. With a normal nerve supply the body's natural healing capacity can improve a variety of health problems.

 If you have been injured or are experiencing physical discomfort, contact McMahon Chiropractic Care in Toledo, Ohio today to find out if chiropractic care can help give you a better range of motion, relieve pain and discomfort, and help you achieve wellness.

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